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Investors and leaders enabling the next evolution of our largest asset class – real estate.

Our Thesis

Blockchain, AI, and ESG focused digital asset innovation is laying the groundwork for a new global financial infrastructure, creating efficiencies across markets and sectors as adoption grows, and first movers integrating these technologies into the world’s largest asset class real estate will be well positioned for a long-term asymmetric return profile.

We are a strong believer that real-time compliance (‘compliant-tech’) embedded within blockchain and AI enabled use cases, across the entire real estate value chain, will be the driving force behind the next evolution of the asset class, resulting in unparalleled transparency, security, scalability, and liquidity to proficiently unlock trillions ($) in global real estate equity.


We are in the very early stages of blockchain, AI + digital asset adoption; think internet in the late 1990s or mobile in 2007-’08. World class talent is flooding the blockchain & AI space, priming the next ‘golden era’ of financial tech innovation, and building the required applications to support and service the rapidly changing global real estate markets and all its participants.

As institutional adoption + corporate engagement increases, a regulatory framework will emerge,moderating overall price volatility and extending the risk / return spectrum beyond traditional alternatives like (traditional) real estate or private equity.

We believe investment partners should take a long-term view and diversify into a disciplined investment strategy with a visible edge ahead of the next wave of technological advancement, which has the potential to fundamentally change the global financial system, and more acutely our largest asset class – real estate.


Early-Stage, Globally

Pre-Seed // Seed // Series A.
+Engaged in lead / co-lead positions.

Emerging Proptech. Innovative real estate technologies that will be required to support and service the rapidly changing global real estate markets, including, blockchain applications, and adjacent fintech – structured finance solutions.

Backing the exceptional founders / teams optimizing the entire real estate value chain


Providing access to unparalleled domain expertise, hands-on support, investment, and a vast network of value-add partners.

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